What Are The Benefits Of Obesity Surgery?

 What Are The Benefits Of Obesity Surgery?

What Are The Benefits Of Obesity Surgery? we answer your question.
Diseases that have been reported to fully improve or improve following obesity surgery include:

What Are The Benefits Of Obesity Surgery?
Sleep apnea: it is one of the most common diseases that recover earliest after surgery. In the first month, it disappears at a rate close to complete. Even patients who have to use a CPAP device get normal sleep without the device.

Type 2 diabetes: depending on the weight of diabetes and the need for medication, the method of surgery should be selected. According to the method, the rate of improvement of diabetes is up to 95%. In the presence of severe type 2 diabetes, the bariatric surgery limit for bariatric surgery, with a BMI of 35, reduces to a BMI of 30. Because now we are talking about metabolic surgery.

Hypertension: obesity-related hypertension disappears by 70% or more, usually from the first month after surgery, there is no need for medication.

Heart failure: it was found that the risk of heart attack and heart failure significantly decreased after Obesity Surgery.

Peripheral edema: bariatric surgery not only restricts the volume of the stomach, but also eliminates hormonal imbalances. Accordingly, in patients with peripheral edema, the resolution of serious edema is observed from the first days of surgery.

Dyslipidemia: especially after absorption-disrupting operations, the rise in blood fats immediately improves. Only during the period of rapid weight loss can temporary imbalances be seen.

Esophagitis: since obesity is a factor that leads to reflux, reflux in esophagitis improves significantly after surgery. Although new reflux formation can be seen after tube stomach operations, this increase disappears after the first year.

Decrease in risks of other surgeries: the risk drops significantly, especially when orthopedic interventions are required.

Osteoarthritis: obesity is a chronic disease condition that occurs with a fire event in all tissues. After obesity surgery, inflammatory processes in the joints recede. Current publications are available reporting significant improvement in back pain and lower back pain.

Thromboembolism: obesity itself is a condition that increases the risk of embolism and thrombosis in the lower extremities. As it disappears, these risks also decrease.

Urinary incontinence

In addition, there is a significant improvement in quality of life after obesity surgery, and fertility increases significantly.

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