Right and wrong in Obesity Surgery!

Bariatric surgery is developing and changing from a medical point of view in terms of the use and diversity of technological tools. The popularity of the disease and the surgical method has attracted the attention of those in need of surgery and the media as well as those around them. Although the method is becoming increasingly common and accepted, some false information is still being spread from ear to ear.

He was gaining weight after a tube stomach operation !!!

Obesity surgeries are not a magic wand that does not lose weight despite normal eating, but an effective tool that allows you to achieve your goal by easily losing weight. A healthy and balanced diet that is applied starting before surgery should be turned into a lifestyle and applied. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that obesity surgeries should necessarily be supported by healthy eating habits. Miracle results should not be expected from surgery alone.

The risk of obesity surgery is very high !!!

Despite increasing obesity surgery practices with technological advances in recent years, many people still believe that these surgeries carry a significant risk of complications and death. As with all surgical operations, there are some risks associated with different types of obesity surgery, but studies have shown that obesity surgery has as much risk as surgery such as gallbladder, hernia when performed by experienced surgeons.

From another point of view, the benefits obtained by bariatric surgery are much greater than the associated risks.

3.  We can’t eat anything after surgery!!!

One of the most common urban myths we hear from patients is that they can’t eat anything after surgery. Due to the nature of surgery, the first 1-month period begins with liquid nutrition, pure, semi-solid and solid eating periods. I mean, actually, your operation is 1. When the month is full, we start consuming 80-85% of the food we normally consume. Of course, we lead to positive changes in eating and drinking habits in terms of quantity and style. But there is no such situation as not being able to eat.

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