Izmir Bariatric Surgery

 Izmir Bariatric Surgery

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It is not right to look only at weight in the process of weight loss with obesity surgery. In order to achieve the body mass index, the patient’s weight is divided by the square of the neck in meters. In other words, if the patient is 100 pounds and 1.7 m in height, the figure of 100 is divided into a square of 1.7, that is, 2.89. Thus the figure of 34.6 is obtained.  As a result of the calculation, people are divided into certain groups. If the body mass index is above 30, it is called obese. If it is over 40, it is called morbidly obese, if it is over 50, it is called super obese.

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Izmir Bariatric Surgery
What Is Tube Stomach Surgery?

The most important criterion in obesity surgery is the body mass index. . A formula called ‘Body index’ is used with height and weight ratio. The Normal value is 20-25 kg/m2. In values with 25-30, it is mentioned to be overweight. At values between 30-40, Stage 1 and Stage 2 are entered into the obesity group. Values above 40 are a group that we call morbid obesity and bring with it side diseases.

Opinions Of Our Patients With Obesity Surgery

Laparoscopic(Closed) Method In Obesity Surgery

The laparoscopic tube is one of the most effective methods of stomach surgery and short duration. The risk of compaction is small, and it is the most commonly performed stomach reduction surgery in our country.

Why Closed Method?

After surgery, the pain is less.
Faster recovery occurs after surgery.
After surgery, return to work and return to social life is faster.

In tube stomach operations, it is aimed to reduce the volume of the stomach (about 60-100cc) so that the patient feels satiety with very little food. For this purpose, a certain part of the stomach is removed by surgical procedure and a tube-shaped (about the size of a banana) stomach is left behind. In this way, you consume low-portion food and quickly give a feeling of satiety.

Gastric tube method less vitamin-mineral support is needed than other gastric bypass surgery. The patient does not need lifelong vitamin and mineral supplements, observation. There is a chance of intervention in the bile ducts and pancreatic duct with endoscopy when there is a problem. ERCP, a biopsy can be done easily. A decrease in appetite is greater because the fundus part of the stomach that secretes ghrelin (appetite hormone) is taken.

Obesity Surgery and hunger hormone

Ghrelin hormone has been known as a growth hormone for many years, but in recent studies, it has been noticed that it plays an important role in the regulation of our body’s energy system and nutrition. Another name is the hunger hormone. The hormone ‘ Ghrelin’, the ama substance in insulin resistance, sends hunger signals to The Hunger Center at the base of the brain. It is usually at its lowest level 90 minutes after meals, and the time period when the level of satiety is highest.

The biggest obstacle to weight loss during a diet is the hormone ghrelin, and so we can gain weight quickly. This is why one of the reasons why it is performed in stomach shrinking surgeries is the need to disable this hormone. The hormone Ghrelin also raises blood sugar by reducing insulin levels, laying the groundwork for diabetes due to already increased insulin resistance in morbidly obese individuals. In metabolic surgery, a decrease in the levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, has a curative effect on diabetes.

What is the weight limit for stomach reduction surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery, known as gastric reduction surgery, is performed for patients in the obese and morbidly obese group. If your body mass index is above 35, stomach reduction surgery is performed. Click here to find out your body mass index. One of the most important criteria is that the patient is in the obese or morbidly obese group for 3 years, and does not get results from methods used to lose weight, such as sports and diet. With obesity surgery, you can reach the desired weight limit by losing weight quickly without feeling hungry.

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